About Buy Asic Online


Why Buy Asic Online?

The universe of cryptocurrency can seem complex and disturbing. However, it is very simple to introduce the market, and this, more easily than one thinks.

Our mission is to accompany you throughout the process:

  • Basic training to understand the workings
  • Accompaniment for the purchase
  • Fast and humane delivery
  • Follow up after the sale

Since 2015, we are passionate and experts; our goal is to make you know our universe!

Here are our guidelines to offer the best service to our customers:

  • Sales Service: We offer a reliable and transparent service that allows the customer to have greater confidence and ease.
  • After sales service: Our after sales service is excellent. It is possible to contact us by email or via our help line for technical questions regarding products or mining.
  • Educational content: The first purchase of a machine gives access to our training content on mining. This content guides insiders so that they can start mining without falling into the many pitfalls.
  • Fast delivery: We always have machines available which are usually delivered in less than 10 working days.
  • In-person transactions: For local customers, we suggest making the transaction in person at our Gatineau office. As a bonus, our team will give you training and advice (for beginners) to refer to relevant sections of the content or any other tips, tools or applications frequently used by minors.